Video projection installation
Portland Winter Light Festival. Portland, OR
with Tomas Cotik, Hasan Mahmood, and Bode Smith

Ombra Musici, (English translation: Musician's Shadow), is an interdisciplinary work of “massive media.” In the frame of the Portland Winter Light Festival 2019 the facade of the Portland State University library will become a canvas for the projected silhouette of different PSU music professors. Spectators passing by and congregating in front of the building will hear the music through loudspeakers and see the moving silhouette projected on the full height of the building.

Ombra Musici features the solo performances of several faculty members of the Portland State University School of Music: Tomas Cotik (violin), Barbara Heilmair (clarinet), Susan Chan (piano), and Joel Bluestone (timpani). The silhouettes of these solo performers will be amplified to building size, bringing the normally static wall of the library to life.