Video projection installation
Portland Winter Light Festival. Portland, OR
with Tomás Cotik.

A screen installed on a rooftop terrace adjacent a major Portland street with wide sidewalks and plaza spaces nearby featured a video projection of a violinist (Cotik) performing solo works by Bach, Telemann, Piazzolla and Tárrega. The 20-minute performance of these short pieces was looped over the course of three evenings during the Portland Winter Light Festival.

Ombra Musici II, or “Musician’s Shadow” in Italian, references the visual content of the work. It also alludes to an extension and amplification of an artist’s presence through digital technologies. It is the second project in a series of works exploring interdisciplinary connections and public engagement with the arts through digital media. The overall goal of the project was to engage light festival attendees passing by who would hear the music and see a choreographed performer in an improbable place, engaging a sense of wonder.

videos and photos by So-Min Kang